We are committed to sustainability principles, and to conserve environment and ecology through Sustainability solutions. Mentored by BiSyLIFE - Nature storethe Founder, it is the need of today’s challenging times to explore the innovative business models and technology tools. Chakragreen Solutions offers a variety of services which provides different tools to achieve ecological, economical and social objectives. These services will build the organizational foundation and helps to explore its Business potential.


Vision for us is to help develop inclusive and sustainable business practices and products. Its aim is to bring a unique selling proposition of Chakragreen to the businesses and institutions specific to various regions of the world. It also supports sustainability projects by BiSyLIFE - Nature storemaking them sustainable, viable and ecologically safe. is an online Nature store giving platform to sustainable and ecofriendly products like Organic Green Tea, Hygiene products, Green stationary like papers, Books, pencils, packaging sheets, bags, & Organic Food, Natural Vegetables, Groceries with natural farm practices, Herbal Medicines & Supplements, Handcrafted Home Decor, Handloom products, Natural Body Care products, Herbal Incense, Cotton Clothing and Accessories, and much more. 


Chakragreen has the necessary zeal and capacity to design projects with creativity, intelligence, social and ecological impact. Committed to collaboration, each company and business produces only the efficient processes, contributing to innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship, with the essence of trust, commitment, and inclusiveness. BiSyLIFE products deliver a unique value and satisfaction of social responsibility. Every item will have unique standards, design, material, pattern and ecological benefit.


Chakragreen initiatives make an effort to strengthen bottom of pyramid in rural and semi urban areas who are left out of the market economy. Like their traditional arts and crafts while providing them a platform to access buyers. BiSyLIFE will leave a lasting impact on the people who avail the products of BiSy Life. Your every purchase will contribute to safeguarding environment, build sustainable businesses and do social responsibility towards the society and world.